lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

One way

One day not long ago ... I heard an old Irish. Telling me that what matters is not where you are. Rather how you feel, at that time the road opens. He told me, he always looked to the south. It's been a few years (few) and I think I'm facing south. Always looking that way.

And walking along the south coast I found this image, which magically pointed, pointed out what I'm looking for today, tonight. You, you, mine. Beyond belief. To the south, will be with you my love.

Today, thinking about what we are, there is nothing and nobody, to avoid the force that allows us to be.

That old Irishman, walked with me to India street, was that he liked the pizza and Italian red ... We talked about Mexico and Latin America and agree on one thing, we're screwed as the Irish people. He complained angrily, furiously Royal visit to their homeland. The queen spent four days, the people are upset, the state visit was a failure. But what does an old man speaking to a young aunt and political news? drink in the little Italy facing the square, watching the migrants, tourists, who came and went, some to the north, others to the south blessed. We talked until the Falklands!
So ends this note, which is not intended as anything more than a simple note, when you see an arrow click shit like this, remember that there is always a way and that you do, what you forgings. What does life itself.One way.

Taken in Little Italy, one day not long ago. One way. (Un güey K!)

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011