lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

2012 Te recordaré

Pues se acabó el 2012. ¿Qué podemos hacer? ¿Qué podemos pensar? ¿hacer?. Reflexión personal, fue un buen año, de cambios en muchos aspectos tanto personales como nacionales, sociales, globales. El mundo no se terminó como decían algunos (12.12.12), seguimos en el crecimiento personal y en el autoexilio en alguna parte de este mundo, viajando, trabajando, estudiando, amando la libertad, la vida, a la familia. Vivir. Nos vemos en el 2013 y gracias ¿a quién?

¿Con qué me quedo?

Hoy en el último día del año, en vísperas de recibir al nuevo, que formará parte de 365 oportunidades más. ¡feliz año nuevo! 

For this year 2012 is ending. What we think or do in these last hours? Put in a sort of balance, to weigh! The good and the bad and stay with the good. Personal reflection, was a good year, changes in many aspects of both personal and national, social, global. The world didn't end as the Mayans said (12/12/12), we are still in the personal growth and continue to live in self-exile in this part of the world that are the Californias, really happy and grateful, I'm learning about life, I'm preparing, studying, loving freedom, life, family. My work is a blessing. Living. See you in 2013 and thanks to whom? Well, my God, will surely be the same, regardless of region or religion, is the same. If you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Catholic is the same god.

How do I stay?

Dreaming of a democratic left for my country in a comprehensive capitalism that includes all sectors and that is more inclusive, to think of the most vulnerable areas. That there is free internet in all countries and to become a human right. Besides that human rights are our constitution, which is the letter that regulate us humans, that open borders in the Americas. Mr. Peña Nieto That works well for Mexico, to eliminate corruption, poor governance practices and ancient evil that meets all their campaign promises. That Mr. Obama works for the good of America and Latin America, to regulate the sale of weapons and have more friendly and secure borders. Cristina works well for my beautiful Argentina, because as I see it is the future of my girls. To open markets, protectionism in these global times longer works and that aligns to economies like Mexico.

Today on the last day of 2012, on the eve of receiving the new, 365-pate that will be more opportunities. Happy new year!
Remember you 2012. A year of change and transformation!


martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Día Internacional de las personas migrantes

Hoy se celebra el día internacional del migrante o de las personas migrantes. Como sabemos la Migración es un Derecho Humano y es una resolución aprobada por la Asamblea General de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (55/93).

letrero preventivo sobre personas indocumentadas en Estados Unidos

La migración es un hecho social muy complejo, lo podemos ver en Europa con las personas que provienen de África, se puede apreciar en los Estados Unidos con la infinidad de nacionalidades que ingresan de manera legal e ilegal hacia territorio estadounidense, principalmente de migrantes de México y Latinoamérica, O gente de América Latina y Asia (Argentina, China y Cuba) en México, de igual forma este fenomeno se repite en el sur del continente americano con migrantes que provienen de Bolivia y Perú en la misma Argentina y Chile o el intercambio binacional, que buscan mejores opciones de vida, oportunidades, etc.
Por el hecho de ser migrantes las personas se exponen, se exhiben a maltratos, discriminación y xenofobia, pero recordemos que todos a menor o mayor medida somos migrantes o descendientes de migrantes, hagamos de la migración una opción y no una necesidad.
I just Illegal. 
Let's make migration a choice rather than a necessity, remember that it is a human right and as such is valid for the UN and the countries that have signed or.

sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

The other girls who don´t use a bondi

¿Decime si es pecado admirar la belleza de la mujer? 
-Post dedicated to ChicasBondi-


It exists in Argentina a Twitter account that is dedicated to girls but normal (nice and casual) who use the bus, there is known as Bondi. 

My photography is to capture the moment without offending or bothering anyone. Only Art.

With this I do not mention the girls bondi twitter but I can say that the camera can be a tool of voyeurism ...

Never had anyone portrayed in secret, women know that they are doing ... that's more interesting!

Not in Bondi but if an art gallery.

Say dressed well, bringing good outfit ...

Congratulations to the creators of @chicasbondi, creative and innovative good example of what we can do with a camera, and use social networks to things and experiment on The beauty of women, female. So normal, common, or magazine without makeup effects, natural.  Good experiment guys!

Tell me if sin? Admire feminine beauty? Please let me know


viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

El Pavo y México

Es extraño... hemos consumido Pavo casi todos los años, especialmente en Navidad. A diferencia de los festivos familiares de los Estados Unidos que consumen el pavo en el mes de noviembre con el día de acción de gracias. Recuerdo que alguna vez en Tlaxcala, alguien me comentó que el Guajolote era un ave muy  sagrada para las culturas antiguas antes de la llegada de los españoles al continente americano.

¿Acaso saben que el Pavo (Guajolote) llegó al continente Europeo por el año de 1530 y salía del continente americano, especialmente de México tenochtitlán (Hoy Ciudad de México)?
El Guajolote era uno de los alimentos sagrados de los mexicas o Aztecas y se conocía en toda Mesoamérica mucho antes de la llegada de los españoles...

El nombre del pavo en lengua Nahuatl es Hueyxolotl o Gualolote.

Taken from a shirt that I found at the supermarket ...
Do you know that the turkey came to Europe during the Period of the Spanish conquest of Mexico? This was for the year 1530 and out of the continent from the legendary Mexico Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City)?
The turkey was one of the sacred food of the Aztecs and a Bird was a very famous throughout "Mesoamerica", even traded with South American cultures like the Incas or Mapuches (Andes Hills) and please let me or let me, and write in the past tense because the turkey was eaten here in America (the continent) long before the "conquitadores" Spanish who came to colonize ... then came to the UK, Ireland and Netherlands and some other already know ...

Today Turkey is a food that can not miss in such thanksgiving dinner in the northern hemisphere (Canada, USA and in some cities in northern Mexico where U.S. influence is more pronounced)

The name in Nahuatl Gualolote - Hueyxolotl.

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

The Old Hard Rock Café

No doubt the visit a Hard Rock Café and eat a burger and a legendary chicken wings and enjoy a Hurricane is one of the greatest pleasures you can give even be forever young (at least live and feel well ). I have been fortunate to visit many places of this chain that makes rock and roll honors and San Diego (already existed) but I found it now and I visited this holiday season. 

The downside is that there is no public, empty, very few people. 

It´s important to know that the best cities in the world such as London, Madrid, Paris, Mexico City, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Los Angeles will always be a restaurant that will open the doors to hear some rock, watch some videos and eat some typical American food. Could it be that I'm getting old?
The roof of the Hard Rock (Very similar to all ...)
Who could forget the Hard Rock in Acapulco? I remember the bachelor party of two of my best friends; Establishment required to heat engines ...
Why in the city that I live today removed the Hard Rock? 
Also I visited in mid-nineties. Well if I'm getting old, but young soul. (And I hope still for long).

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Guadalupe... La virgen


La Virgen de Guadalupe. Virgen, símbolo e icono del mexicanismo, de la cultura popular mexicana y de las tradiciones culturales y artísticas de México. Se encuentra vigente en nuestro país y en el amor de la gente desde el año de 1531 cuando (la leyenda) se le apareció a Juan Diego (Hoy santo) en las faltas del cerro del Tepeyac (Ciudad de México) y este inmediatamente fue con el máximo representante de la corona Española en México para que le edificaran un altar, con los años esto terminó en la Basílica de Guadalupe convirtiéndose en uno de los santuarios más visitados del mundo y la Virgen de Guadalupe en emperatriz de México y la Reina de América. Este 12 de diciembre se celebra la aparición de la Virgen de Guadalupe, hace 481 años.

Una virgen de Guadalupe en un taller de llantas en California.
La Virgen de Guadalupe. Icon and Mexican deity, honored in all ages of Mexico (Colonial, Independent, revolutionary, modern and contemporary), has been an element of identity and glory of the people, the culture, has been up flag of independence and revolution. The Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated beyond Mexico's borders, beyond the line, beyond the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in the Americas and Europe, has been admired even by the popes, for example John Paul II .

Legend has it that appeared on Tepeyac hill (mountain near Mexico City) in 1531 and ordered him a church today is the Basilica of Guadalupe, the most visited Catholic shrines in the world and now the Catholic Church (Vatican) proclaimed her as the Queen of Mexico and Americas.

It´s history dates back to the time of the Aztecs when in the same place (Tepeyac Hill) were honored and the virgin goddess Tonantzin, Goddess prehispanic, key to the colonization of the cultures that surrounded of Mexico´s valley.

* The photo was taken one day recently across the border (Chula Vista, Ca.) in a tire shop.

* Today I have written "virgencita", as long as you know what happens ... with my secrets and sins (not as capital but finally sins)
* Please read the Nican Mopohua. Legend in Nahuatl about the history of the Virgin of Guadalupe, book in place for 481 years. This is Mexican culture and tradition.

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

El Grinch

¿Qué onda con el Grinch?
La leyenda dice que es un personaje (duende) gruñon con la mala vibra de que no le gustaba la navidad ni lo que le rodeaba... hasta que un día se la roba. El creador de este cuento es el Dr. Seuss. Podemos ver la foto del Gring original según la visión escritor. (Pero nada que ver con la película) //

Live the holiday season in this part of the world and when you're alone ... because your friends and family (of life) are more than 3000 miles away and even further down, through Patagonia ...
I had the opportunity to visit one of the largest public parks that exist in Southern California, Balboa Park.

Famous for its large natural lung for the city and important center of museums, cultural centers and art, and the zoo, attraction must for tourists who come from California, or those who live near the international border.

This weekend (7 and 8 December) Balboa Park dressed up with their traditional event: December lights where many philanthropic institutions in the region as well as institutions of civil society organizations sell their products and services in support of community. Park museums open their doors free of charge, Christmas music, food stalls, Christmas atmosphere at all costs and visitors from all parts of this binational metropolis.

Here I learned the story of the real Grinch, a character created by Dr. Seuss (later became a movie) but hey, here's an overview Grinch (nothing to do with the film) and this vision was what motivated his creative writing the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

A pre Christmas comment!

A comment in the holiday season

This Christmas tree I photographed in the cellar (Cava) of LA Cetto in an event of thanks to entrepreneurs and supporters with a civil society organization dedicated to promoting the art and culture of this city Tijuana.

The interesting thing is that you can make a Christmas tree with bottles of wine, which upon completion instead of throwing them away, you are able to create recycle things like this, or just use them again. Or sell as glass or glass for recycling, give some money by the kilogram. ¡Bien LA CETTO!

TJ remember that I am the way, and soon (not sure when) we can give a big surprise transformation and change, can be re Spain, Argentina or return to the capital of Mexico, the world believes in the media and in social networks is read, is said to Santiago de Chile is fine, which is better than the U.S. or Mexico itself, we can see in the ranking of transparency International. Occupying a 20 rise to global niver above Brazil, USA, Argentina or Mexico speaks well of the people and government of Chile.

For now I can comment that here in this part of the world, I feel good, live well and for now I'm happy. NOT going to happen ... But does anyone know?

The holiday season is lives, breathes, feels all the time everywhere, hopefully have a good Christmas.

I miss Mexico City!
Some, not so much. What is strange is the family, her friends and college friends, and people who have been with us a long time, a good wine with my friends, and live a moment nice.

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

La Puerta México

Esta fotografía la iba a publicar el primero de diciembre, pero no lo pude hacer, ahí les va. La puerta México es la nueva entrada al país (Tijuana-SanDiego), y la verdad es que da gusto entrar y que te reciban así...

Gracias México!

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

La Casa de la Mona (2)

Aquí esta "La Mona" o "La casa de la Mona".

Importante icono de esta ciudad, dicen que la construyó Armando Muñoz García en la década de los noventa. Yo no la había visto, había escuchado de ella y quizá la había observado en una postal o en una revista,  pero pude verla.

Surreal ¿no?

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

Algo que sólo se yo y vos...

Si podría regresar el tiempo, volvería a vivir todo absolutamente todo lo que he vivido... 

De acá me voy con vos y sí te vas me vas a llevar. ¡Llévame!

Con la conciencia tranquila y viviendo en Paz.


Siete de Diciembre

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

La Mona

I thought there was, I thought it was a myth or urban legend, border-, having heard of it and perhaps had seen published in a journal of these cultural ...

I was close to the airport to pick up a person from the University of Oviedo (Spain) as they celebrated a major art event (exposure) in the city's cultural center. We spend a few minutes looking at "La Mona", and believe me it's like watching (observing) a Brazilian favela, a world not known within the city where alive today ... poverty, ignorance, garbage, filth.
Suddenly came, La Mona, a sculpture, an icon of Tijuana. One of the most surreal part of the surreal.

miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day??

For here in this part of the world most people are grateful, gather family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner. It is an important day that kicks off the holiday season.

It seems to go to dinner and eat turkey ... maybe (maybe) as Christmas is celebrated in Mexico! but this is the month of november.

Here they will receive a lot of influence of that culture but not the same, the values ​​are and how others see the world and folklore, as well as the traditions and culture as well.

Time to be thankful for life, family, work, God, my boss's job. 

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Ya es Hora

Ya es hora... ¿De qué?

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012


In Tijuana something very interesting is happening ... The city team (not just representing TJ entire state rather) has reached the first division and is very important, because in a short time has shown that this part of the world and Mexico are excellent things well. Soon the club Tijuana (less than a year) also played soccer football these days is contesting the final of the Mexican league.

In this part of the world today are talking about this, the Xolo´s fever. From "Xolomania" social movement generated through sports, marketing, the world of casinos (Caliente) and the interest of people to believe in something. The interesting thing is that until the American people over the wall, next to the stadium and can identify with the team in the region of the Californias.

Mexican, Americans, mexico-American, Latino, European, Chinese and people living in this region has feelings for the Tijuana Xolos. Important to follow.

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

El Nuevo México

They just twelve good years, in many aspects of life, social, economic, competitive, cultural, etc. Today Mexico is another, is the New Mexico. 

I think today's Mexico did not know the history of the "perfect dictatorship" who ruled over 70 years. Then we took the PRI of "Los Pinos" (like white house.) Today we return to the past, but people went to the polls to cast their vote, the people voted. That is democracy.

Although this democracy is questioned a lot, too. 

Felipe Calderon Leave a country very well off, with job security and a war on drugs, a new president will hopefully really do well and that the PRI is just past the past. These new generations need and deserve a better Mexico. Enough!

Hopefully these new six years in the country continue as it has done, that we keep reinventing and to keep doing things right.

From this part of the world I present this photograph that means a lot, state security, nationalism and love of country, maybe the future...

Soldiers of the United Mexican States hoisted the flag. 

Viva Mexico!