sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

The other girls who don´t use a bondi

¿Decime si es pecado admirar la belleza de la mujer? 
-Post dedicated to ChicasBondi-


It exists in Argentina a Twitter account that is dedicated to girls but normal (nice and casual) who use the bus, there is known as Bondi. 

My photography is to capture the moment without offending or bothering anyone. Only Art.

With this I do not mention the girls bondi twitter but I can say that the camera can be a tool of voyeurism ...

Never had anyone portrayed in secret, women know that they are doing ... that's more interesting!

Not in Bondi but if an art gallery.

Say dressed well, bringing good outfit ...

Congratulations to the creators of @chicasbondi, creative and innovative good example of what we can do with a camera, and use social networks to things and experiment on The beauty of women, female. So normal, common, or magazine without makeup effects, natural.  Good experiment guys!

Tell me if sin? Admire feminine beauty? Please let me know


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