domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012


In Tijuana something very interesting is happening ... The city team (not just representing TJ entire state rather) has reached the first division and is very important, because in a short time has shown that this part of the world and Mexico are excellent things well. Soon the club Tijuana (less than a year) also played soccer football these days is contesting the final of the Mexican league.

In this part of the world today are talking about this, the Xolo´s fever. From "Xolomania" social movement generated through sports, marketing, the world of casinos (Caliente) and the interest of people to believe in something. The interesting thing is that until the American people over the wall, next to the stadium and can identify with the team in the region of the Californias.

Mexican, Americans, mexico-American, Latino, European, Chinese and people living in this region has feelings for the Tijuana Xolos. Important to follow.

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