sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

El Nuevo México

They just twelve good years, in many aspects of life, social, economic, competitive, cultural, etc. Today Mexico is another, is the New Mexico. 

I think today's Mexico did not know the history of the "perfect dictatorship" who ruled over 70 years. Then we took the PRI of "Los Pinos" (like white house.) Today we return to the past, but people went to the polls to cast their vote, the people voted. That is democracy.

Although this democracy is questioned a lot, too. 

Felipe Calderon Leave a country very well off, with job security and a war on drugs, a new president will hopefully really do well and that the PRI is just past the past. These new generations need and deserve a better Mexico. Enough!

Hopefully these new six years in the country continue as it has done, that we keep reinventing and to keep doing things right.

From this part of the world I present this photograph that means a lot, state security, nationalism and love of country, maybe the future...

Soldiers of the United Mexican States hoisted the flag. 

Viva Mexico!

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