miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

San Diego Seaport Village

In the North American continent of the fall season is truly strange, very strange. They have to do the activities too early, leaving home to go to breakfast, the bank, walk, or go for a walk before nightfall, here is night and by 5 or 17 hrs.

We recommend visiting such SeaPort Village and interact with the artisans and their crafts, maybe watch the wizards, those who read the cards or the tarot, the man monotonous rocks, which makes paper flowers or young person makes huge soap pumps and these are pursued by hundreds of children going with their parents to spend time in front of the bay.

What lacks SeaPort Village? I think there is fine, but ... perhaps more of the continent, make the best that we have for example a place called "The Little Corner" or "Old Corner" and offer some Argentine alfajores, chiapas or Colombia coffee, more bohemian and not the typical Café starbucks's tasteless.

This photo was taken in front of the bay and the artist playing with stones or rocks is called Rabindra Sarkar.

Anyway, worth oceanfront relax and escape everyday life some of in the cities of the region of the Californias.

*Seaport Village, San Diego. California.

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