viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Live a Good Life

Sobre algunos letreros en peldaños...

Life has taught me some things. Important and not superficial things I have learned . Today for example is a day of thanks     (tradition USA ) but since I am in this part of the world, stranger meet friends, family and share a table , that's what I can get credit to this day, in addition to welcoming perhaps to life, perhaps god , perhaps ourselves for all the hard work during the year that is leaving, to be part of that story will be part of the personal and individual memory , maybe someday I can remember that remember that Thursday November 28th? Where are envied by the american people meet with your friends and family and only worse than a stray dog ​​? Today , not is my tradition , I miss those afternoon gatherings and family reunions. But my happiness is up to the ass of the world!

Today I want at least a glass of wine and I copy him to northern neighbors, and say thanks for what I have had to live , feel and experience . I'll be right with you .

Soon, there will come a black Friday.

Letrero en Restaurante
Aquí no más. Reflexiono y creo que la verdad, es que no hay nada como vivir y que mejor que hacerlo bien, por lo menos lo mejor que se pueda...En vísperas navideñas la vida se nos va así...

Hoy es Black Friday.

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