lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Play yard

La vida es vivir... // temporada otoño-invierno 2013. José Carlos Cano Zárate

La visita de Clara

La visita de Clara a esta parte del mundo me ha recordado que la vida es así, es vida. Es vivir.

Clara's visit to California has reminded me that life is so is life. It's living. 

Between SD and Baja, in the first and the underworld, living and sad, remembering old times and childhood that brought us further the brotherhood and solidarity. Passing through the play yard we saw our children playing up and down stairs, jumping, running.


Mine, too fucking far, more than 13,000 km. I'm out!

Just know that it is today, "Life is to live ..." and should always be.

Thanks Clara.

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